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Manchester Airport Lights Up Green Energy Delivery

Through a partnership of local companies, Manchester Airport is looking forward to a 60% saving in energy, thanks to the installation of state of the art lighting in Terminal 2 and 3 multi-storey Car Parks.

The airport worked with local companies, Luminanz and MHA Lighting to install 2000 new lights, which are based on the unique Luminanz light delivery system.
Manchester Airport and Luminanz have been collaborating for four years to bring the new generation lighting to the airport and this project further adds to the commitment to making the ground operations of the airport carbon neutral by 2015.

The lights, produced and installed by Luminanz’s UK licensee, Manchester based company MHA Lighting, will replace existing lighting units, resulting in both a substantial energy saving and enhanced lighting for the security of car park customers.

The installation of the Luminanz technology is part of Manchester Airport’s drive for greater energy efficiency across its estate and represents the airport’s determination to reduce its carbon footprint.

BEFORE (below) - Terminal 3 Multi-storey Car Park with SON lamps

AFTER (below) - Terminal 3 Multi-storey Car Park with Luminanz CP03 lamps ...

Manchester Airport takes its contribution to carbon emissions seriously and has taken innovative steps to ensure the areas that the airport has direct control of are carbon neutral, and that the business is as sustainable as it can be.

Many other energy reduction projects are taking place, such as the installation of new technologies to the large cooling and ventilation systems in the airport buildings and other low-energy lighting schemes.

Sustainability at the airport is about minimising the environmental harm that airport activities may cause and maximising the valuable economic contribution to the region and supporting local communities.

Tim Walmsley, Environment Manager Manchester Airport said: ”We are delighted to be at the point now in the project, where the lighting will be installed. We have worked with Luminanz for four years to test and trial their product and it is great to finally see them in situ. The lights, not only mean a considerable saving in energy for the airport, but also improve visibility for our passengers.

“Being a sustainable business is of high importance to Manchester Airport, including being more environmentally friendly, whilst working with local businesses. We have set a strong commitment to make our ground operations carbon neutral by 2015 and we are pleased to be working towards achieving this.”

Ian Sibbick, CEO, Luminanz said: “At Luminanz we have a light delivery technology that brings LED lighting safely and cost-effectively within reach of all users. Manchester Airport’s vision in embracing our technology will enhance the environment for its staff and customers alike and we believe will be the start of Manchester’s lighting revolution,”


  • The Luminanz technology, which addresses all potential lighting applications, is now being rolled out to the commercial and industrial sector in the UK
  • The technology represents the opportunity for users to gain dramatically in energy savings, whilst offering higher standards of safety and comfort for staff, visitors and customers alike.